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In the picture above you see a male osprey on the left and a female on the right.  The female is generally larger and has brown speckles or  "necklace" on her chest.  The FaceBook viewers named our female Pinella and our male Stirling.  We are now on FaceBook !!!  Check it out!.  

We now have a very healthy chick.  Do go to the FaceBook page for more pictures and daily updates.  TweetDreams1 does a fabulous job monitoring the page and keeping it updated with pictures and information.

I would also like to thank the city of Dunedin and our sponsors for their support of this educational project. 

The nest/platform is located on the Pinellas Trail in Dunedin Florida.  Check out our wonderful town of Dunedin!

Sincerely, Sparky Jones

Communnications Director


Contact Us: DunedinOspreyCam@Sunchasers.us or call 703-303-4606 with any questions or concerns. 





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Our mission is to enable Dunedin residents, students and world-wide visitors to peek inside a local osprey nest on-line, see eggs as they are laid, watch the eggs hatch and track the development of young ospreys until they fledge. 

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